Weiterwanderung / Familienzusammenführung (in English)

Resettlement to Australia, Canada and USA

Australia, Canada and USA are traditional countries of immigration and organised resettlement programs have been part of their immigration policy. There exist programmes for qualified employees, family reunion and the general movement of asylum seekers and Refugees to Australia, Canada and the US. Each of these countries has its own special programme based on humanitarian categories.

IOM assists with the resettlement of persons accepted under regular immigration programmes through the processing of relevant documentation, performing medical screening and arranging safe, reliable and economical transportation. Language training and cultural orientation are also offered at the request of some receiving countries to facilitate the integration of migrants into their new host societies.

IOM Bern provides information regarding resettlement/family reunions to Australia, Canada and USA. 

Family reunification 
Foreigners residing in Switzerland can under special circumstances bring their family members to Switzerland. The Cantons and the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) decide about issuing the permit.