Access to Microcredit Opportunities for Returned Migrants during and beyond IOM Support

With the present study, IOM Bern wanted to explore the availability of microcredit as an additional source of financing for reintegration projects that are implemented within the framework of an IOM AVRR programme. The accessibility of microcredits to returned migrants was examined in five target countries: Iran, Mongolia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sri Lanka. In a first step, the situations of the national microcredit markets were analysed considering that the general availability of microcredits and their accessibility influence returnees’ chances to be part of a microcredit scheme. In a second step, migration specific challenges for applicants for a microcredit were identified. In a third step, recommendations to IOM, the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and return counsellors in Switzerland were formulated. On the one hand, these recommendations aim to serve as suggestions on how to include the concept of microcredit into future AVRR program work. On the other hand, the recommendations aim to serve as a practical guideline on how to include information about microcredits into pre-departure counseling.

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